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HUAWEI SUN2000 3-10KTL-M1 Three Phase High Current SUN2000-3KTL-M1, SUN2000-4KTL-M1, SUN2000-5KTL-M1, SUN2000-6KTL-M1, SUN2000-8KTL-M1, SUN2000-10KTL-M1


1.Active Safety: AI Powered active arcing protection.
2.Higher yields: Up to 30% more energy with optimizer
3.Battery ready: plug and play battery interface.
4.Flexible communication: WLAN, Fast ethernet, 4G com supported.

SUN2000 3-10KTL-M1 Technical Specifications
Maximum efficiency98.20%98.30%98.40%98.60%98.60%98.60%98.60%
European efficiency96.70%97.10%97.50%97.70%98.00%98.10%98.10%
Technical SpecificationsSUN2000-3KTL-M1SUN2000-4KTL-M1SUN2000-5KTL-M1SUN2000-6KTL-M1SUN2000-8KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-BEM1
Maximum input voltagea1100 V
Maximum input current (per MPPT)11 A/13.5 A (Subject to the product nameplate)
Maximum short-circuit current (per MPPT)15 A/19.5 A (Subject to the product nameplate)
Minimum startup voltage200 V
MPP voltage range140–980 V
Full-load MPPT voltage range140–850 V DC190–850 V DC240–850 V DC285–850 V DC380–850 V DC470–850 V DC470–850 V DC
Rated input voltage600 V
Maximum number of inputs2
Number of MPPTs2
Battery normal voltage600 Vdc
Battery voltage range600-1000 Vdc
Battery maximum current16.7 A
Battery typeLi-ion
Note a: The maximum input voltage is the maximum DC input voltage that the SUN2000 can withstand. If the input voltage exceeds this value, the SUN2000 may be damaged.
Output (On Grid)
Technical SpecificationsSUN2000-3KTL-M1SUN2000-4KTL-M1SUN2000-5KTL-M1SUN2000-6KTL-M1SUN2000-8KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-BEM1
Rated output power3000 W4000 W5000 W6000 W8000 W10,000 W10,000 W
Maximum apparent power3300 VA4400 VA5500 VA6600 VA8800 VA11,000 VA10,000 VA
Maximum active power (cos蠁 = 1)3300 W4400 W5500 W6600 W8800 W11,000 W10,000 W
Rated output voltage220 V/380 V, 230 V/400 V, 3W+N+PE
Maximum output voltage at long-term operationSee standards about the local power grid.
Rated output current4.6 A (380 V)/6.1 A (380 V)7.6 A (380 V)/9.1 A (380 V)/12.2 A (380 V)15.2 A (380 V)/15.2 A (380 V)/
4.4 A (400 V)/5.8 A (400 V)7.3 A (400 V)8.7 A (400 V)/11.6 A (400 V)14.5 A (400 V)14.5 A (400 V)
Maximum output current5.1 A6.8 A8.5 A10.1 A13.5 A16.9 A16.9 A
Rated apparent power3 kVA4 kVA5 kVA6 kVA8 kVA10 kVA10 kVA
Inrush current5.1 A6.8 A8.5 A10.1 A13.5 A16.9 A16.9 A
Max output fault current15.06 A20.08 A25.1 A30.12 A40.16 A50.2 A50.2 A
Max output overcurrent protection31.8 A31.8 A31.8 A31.8 A31.8 A31.8 A31.8 A
Output voltage frequency50 Hz/60 Hz
Power factor0.8 leading–0.8 lagging
Maximum total harmonic distortion (THD)AC THDi< 3% under rated conditions. Single harmonic meets the VDE4105 requirements.
Output (Off Grid)
Technical SpecificationsSUN2000-3KTL-M1SUN2000-4KTL-M1SUN2000-5KTL-M1SUN2000-6KTL-M1SUN2000-8KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-BEM1
Maximum apparent power3000 VA3300 VA
Peak apparent power3300 VA3630 VA
Technical SpecificationsSUN2000-3KTL-M1SUN2000-4KTL-M1SUN2000-5KTL-M1SUN2000-6KTL-M1SUN2000-8KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-BEM1
Overvoltage categoryPV II/AC III
Input DC switchSupported
Islanding protectionSupported
Output overcurrent protectionSupported
Input reverse connection protectionSupported
PV string fault detectionSupported
DC surge protectionDC common mode: 10 kA
AC surge protectionCommon mode: 5 kA; differential mode: 5 kA
Insulation resistance detectionSupported
Residual current monitoring (RCMU)Supported
PV module safe shutdown, optimizerSupported
PID repairSupported
Active anti-islanding methodAFD
Protection classI
PV and AC portDVCC
Communication portDVCA
Display and Communication
Technical SpecificationsSUN2000-3KTL-M1SUN2000-4KTL-M1SUN2000-5KTL-M1SUN2000-6KTL-M1SUN2000-8KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-BEM1
DisplayLED and WLAN+app
External expansion communication moduleSupports WLAN and 4G.
remote ripple controlSupported
General Specifications
Technical SpecificationsSUN2000-3KTL-M1SUN2000-4KTL-M1SUN2000-5KTL-M1SUN2000-6KTL-M1SUN2000-8KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-M1SUN2000-10KTL-BEM1
Dimensions (W x H x D, mm)525 x 470 x 166 (including only the rear mounting kit of the SUN2000)
Weight17 kg (including only the rear mounting kit of the SUN2000)
Noise29 dB (A) (typical working condition)
Operating temperature–25°C to +60°C (derated when the temperature is higher than 45°C)
Operating humidity0-100% RH
Cooling modeNatural convection
Maximum operating altitude4000 m (derated when the altitude is greater than 3000 m)
Storage temperature–40°C to +70°C
Storage humidity5-95% RH (non-condensing)
Input terminalStaubli MC4
Output terminalWaterproof quick-connect terminal
IP ratingIP65
Environmental protection requirementsRoHS 6
Technical SpecificationValue Range
Frequency2400 MHz-483.5 MHz
Protocol standard802.11b/g/n
Maximum transmit power≤20 dBm EIRP