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PERC stands for Passivated Emitter Rear Cell. PERC solar panels are a type of photovoltaic module that includes PERC cells. These cells are designed to improve the efficiency of solar panels by adding a layer to the back side of the cell, which reduces electron recombination and improves overall performance.

The passivation layer on the rear side of the cell helps to reduce electron recombination, which occurs when electrons recombine with holes instead of being captured and converted into electricity. This improvement in efficiency means that PERC solar panels can generate more electricity from the same amount of sunlight compared to traditional solar panels.

PERC technology has become increasingly popular in the solar industry because it offers higher efficiency without significantly increasing production costs. As a result, many solar panel manufacturers have adopted PERC technology in their product lines to offer customers higher efficiency solar panels at competitive prices.

PERC350 PERC Solar Panel Full Black

PERC350 PERC Solar Panel

330W, 335W, 340W, 345W, 350W, 60 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 18.8KG

PERC375 PERC Solar Panel Full Black

PERC375 PERC Solar Panel

355W, 360W, 365W, 370W, 375W, 126 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 20KG

PERC385A PERC Solar Panel Full Black

PERC385A PERC Solar Panel

365W, 370W, 375W, 380W, 385W, 126 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 20KG

PERC405B PERC Solar Panel Full Black

PERC405B PERC Solar Panel

385W, 390W, 395W, 400W, 405W, 132 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 20.5KG

PERC555 PERC Solar Panel

535W, 540W, 545W,550W, 555W 144 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 29.4KG

PERC590 PERC Solar Panel

PERC590 PERC Solar Panel

570W, 575W, 580W, 585W, 590W, 189 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 29.5KG