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Deye SUN-12K-16K-SG01LP1-EU Hybrid Inverter is suitable for residential and light commercial use, maximizing self-consumption rate of solar energy and increasing your energy impendence. During the day, the PV system generates electricity which will be provided to the loads initially. Then, the excess energy will charge the battery via SUN 12/14/16K-SG. Finally, the stored energy can be released when the loads require it. The battery can also be charged by the diesel generator to ensure uninterrupted supply in the event of grid blackout.It equipped with RS485/CAN port for battery communication.

Performance Characteristics:

1. Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree

2. 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging

3. Max. charging/discharging current of 290A

4. Support storing energy from diesel generator

5. AC couple to retrofifit existing solar system

6. Max. 16 pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid

7. operation; Support multiple batteries parallel

Technical Data Download

Battery Input Data 
Battery TypeLead-acid or Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage Range(V)40-60
Max.Charging Current(A)220250290
Max.Discharging Current(A)220250290
Charging Strategy for Li-ion BatterySelf-adaption to BMS
Number of battery input2
PV String Input Data 
Max DC Input Power(W)156001820020800
Max DC Input Voltage(V)500
Start-up Voltage(V)125
MPPT Voltage Range(V)150-425
Rated DC Input Voltage(V)370
Max Input Short-Circuit Current(A)44+44+44
Max Operating PV Input Current(A)26+26+26
No.of MPP Trackers/No.of String Per MPP Tracker3/2+2+2
AC Input/Output Data 
Rated AC Input/Output Active Power(W)120001400016000
Max AC Input/Output Apparent Power (VA)132001540017600
Peak Power (off-grid)(W)2 times of rated power,10s
Rated AC Input/Output Current(A)54.5/52.263.6/60.972.7/69.6
Max AC Input/Output Current(A)60/57.470/67 80/76.5
Max Continuous AC Passthrough (grid to load)(A)100
Rated Input/Output Voltage/Range(V)220V/230 0.85Un-1.1Un
Grid Connection FormL+N+PE
Rated Input/Output Grid Frequency/Range50/45-55, 60/55-65
Power Factor Adjustment Range0.8 leading-0.8lagging
Total Current Harmonic Distortion THDi<3% (of nominal power)
DC Injection Current<0.5%ln
Max Efficiency97.60%
Euro Efficiency96.50%
MPPT Efficiency>99%
Equipment Protection 
DC Polarity Reverse Connection Protectionyes
AC Output Overcurrent Protectionyes
AC Output Overvoltage Protectionyes
AC Output Short Circuit Protectionyes
Thermal Protectionyes
DC Terminal Insulation Impedance Monitoringyes
DC Component Monitoringyes
Ground Fault Current Monitoringyes
Power Network Monitoringyes
Island Protection Monitoringyes
Earth Fault Detectionyes
DC Input Switchyes
Overvoltage Load Drop Protectionyes
Residual Current (RCD) Detectionyes
Surge Protection LevelTYPE II(DC),TYPE II(AC)
Communication InterfaceWIFI,RS485,CAN
General Data 
Operating Temperature Range-40 to +60℃, >45℃ Derating
Permissible Ambient Humidity0~100%
Permissible Altitude2000m
Noise<50 dB(A)
Ingress Protection(IP) RatingIP 65
Inverter TopologyNon-Isolated
Over Voltage CategoryOVC II(DC),OVC III(AC)
Cabinet size(W*H*D)[mm]464*763*282(Excluding connectors and brackets)
Warranty5 Years/10 Years
the Warranty Period Depends the Final Installation Site of Inverter, More Info Please Refer to Warranty Policy
Type Of CoolingIntelligent air cooling
Grid RegulationIEC 61727,IEC 62116,NRS 097
Safety EMC/StandardIEC/EN 61000-6-1/2/3/4, IEC/EN 62109-1, IEC/EN 62109-2