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Discover the future of solar energy with our Flexible Solar Panels! Revolutionize your power generation with lightweight, bendable panels that adapt to any surface. Whether you’re powering your RV, boat, or home, our high-efficiency panels provide reliable energy wherever the sun shines. Explore our range today and embrace a flexible, sustainable future.

FLEX310 Flexible Solar Panel

FLEX310 Flexible Solar Panel

305Watt, 310Watt, 60 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 5KG

FLEX375 Flexible Solar Panel

FLEX375 Flexible Solar Panel

355W, 360W, 365W, 370W, 375W, 126 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 5.7KG

FLEX380WB Flexible lightweight Solar Panel Full Black B2B

FLEX380WB Flexible Solar Panel

360W, 365W, 370W, 375W, 380W, 126 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 5.7KG

FLEX385WA Flexible lightweight Solar Panel

FLEX385WA Flexible Solar Panel

365W, 370W, 375W, 380W, 385W, 126 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 5.7KG

FLEX430 Flexible lightweight Solar Panel

FLEX430 Flexible Solar Panel

425W, 430W, 144 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 6.3KG

FLEX520 Flexible lightweight Solar Panel B2B

FLEX520 Flexible Solar Panel

520W, 144 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 11.1KG

FLEX150 Flexible lightweight Solar Panel

FLEX150 Flexible Solar Panel

150W, 30 Monocrystalline Cell, Weight: 2.6KG