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  1. Safety
    Built in explosion relief device to dredge gas, and built in fire protection device to cut off the fire source for 3 seconds
  2. High voltage stack
    Modules are connected in series without cable connection, and high-voltage platform improves system efficiency.
  3. Thermal management
    Temperature detection of key parts, cell, power plug in, etc.
  4. Wide temperature operation
    The heating function is optional to meet the application scenarios with low temperature and no sense.
  5. Environmental friendliness
    IP protection grade 65, anti corrosion grade ≥C2, environmental protection battery
  6. Intelligent and visual
    Support remote upgrade, real time battery warning information push, LCD data display.

Technical Data Download

Main Parameter
Cell ChemistryLiFePO4
Module Energy (kWh)4.09
Module Nominal Voltage (V)102.4
Module Capacity (Ah)40
Battery Module Qty In Series (Optional)23456
System Nominal Voltage (V)204.8307.2409.6512614.4
System Operating Voltage(V)166.4~700
System Energy (kWh)8.1812.2716.3620.4524.56
Charge/Discharge Current (A)[2]Recommend20
Peak Discharge(2 mins, 25)50
Working Temperature (°C)Charge: 0~55°C /Discharge: -20~ 60°C
LCD DisplaySOC%, Power, Total Voltage
Communication PortCAN2.0, RS485
IP Rating of EnclosureIP65
Storage Temperature (°C)0~35°C
Dimension (W/D/H,mm)540*385*650540*385*870540*385*1090540*385*1310540*385*1530
Installation LocationFloor Mount
Recommend Depth of Discharge90%
Cycle Life25±2°C, 0.5C/0.5C, EOL70%≥6000
Warranty[3]10 years
CertificationCE / IEC62619 / VDE2510-50 / UL1973 / UL9540A / UN38.3