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  1. All-in-one design, integrated 3.6kW~ 8kW Single Phase hybrid inverter and battery
  2. Comfortable. and easy control via app, PC or Touch- Display
  3. Leading smart application: peak-shaving, smart load, AC couple etc
  4. Modular lithium iron phosphate battery, capacity of 5kWh~ 30kWh,scalable and safety
  5. Flat and stackable design, floor mounted, no wiring and extra fixing screws, quick and easy installation.
  6. Fast switching time of 4ms, ensuring your energy security

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System Specification 
Nominal Output Power/UPS Power (W)3600/36005000 / 50006000 / 60007600/76008000 / 8000
AC Output Frequency and Voltage50/60Hz; L/N/PE 220/230Vac
Grid TypeSingle Phase
Recommended Energy Configuration5kWh(Min.)10kWh(Min.)
Max. Charging/Discharging Current (A)90120135190190
Battery Operating Voltage (V)43.2 ~ 57.6
Battery ChemistryLiFePO4
IP Rating of EnclosureIP65 (after stacking)
System CertificationIEC62619, IEC60730, CE, VDE2510-50, CEI 0-21
Warranty [1]Battery 10 years (Inverter 5 years)
Inverter Technical Specification 
Max. PV Input Power (W)468065007800988010400
Rated PV Input Voltage (Vdc)370 (125~500)
Start Up DC Voltage (Vdc)125
MPPT Voltage Range (Vdc)150-425
Full Load DC Voltage Range (V)300~425200~425
Max. PV Input Current (A)13+1326+26
Max. PV Short-circuit Current (A)17+1734+34
No. of MPP Trackers2
Peak Power (off grid)2 time of rated power, 10s
Power Factor0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging
DC injection current (mA)THD<3% (Linear load<1.5%)
Relative Humidity15% ~ 85% (No Condensing)
Dimension (W x D x H,mm)720x255x330
Weight (kg)34
Communication with BMSCAN2.0
SafetyIEC/EN 62109-1,IEC/EN 62109-2,IEC/EN 61000-6-1,IEC/EN 61000-6-2,IEC/EN 61000-6-3,IEC/EN 61000-6-4
Grid RegulationVDE4105,IEC61727/62116,VDE0126,AS4777.2,CEI 0-21,EN50549-1,G98,G99,C10-11,UNE217002,NBR16149/NBR16150
Max. Efficiency97.60%
Max. charging/discharging efficiency95.50%
Battery Technical Specification 
Nominal Voltage (V)51.2
Battery Module Energy (kWh)5.12
Module ScalabilityMax.36 pcs in parallel(Max. capacity of 184kWh)
Battery Module Dimension720*255*300(W x D x H, mm)
Battery Base Dimension720*255*68(W x D x H, mm)
Battery PDU3 Dimension720*255*228(W x D x H, mm)
Battery Module Weight (kg)53
Operating Temperature RangeCharge: 0~55℃ / Discharge: -20℃~+55℃
Cycle Life≥6000(25℃±2℃,0.5C/0.5C,90%DOD,70%EOL)
Battery Module CertificationIEC62619, CE, UK, VDE2510-50, CEI 0-21, UN38.3, CE-LVD, CEC