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Leaperkim Veteran Patton

Leaperkim Veteran Patton 126V 2220Wh 3000W Electric Unicycle Top Speed 105km/h

Technical Data

ModelVeteran Patton
Free-spin speedNormal mode 85km/h,high speed mode105km/h
Safe speed25km/h
Motor power3000W
BatterySamsung 50E 21700 2220wh,Overcharged,over discharged,charge port output
short circuit protection
Operating Temperature-10~80
Max load120kg
Charging time4.5h(5A)
Dimension and Weight530mm*203mm*670mm
Net weight39kg
Pedal size115mm*300mm
SuspensionMid-mounted normal suspension,preload adjustable,Compression 12 clicks,
Rebound 18 clicks,Shock absorption stroke:80mm
PedalMagnesium alloy
Control boardDouble layer control board
Tire size18 inch 3.0-12(460mm)
Trolley handleBuild-in folded
DisplayShow speed,voltage,mileage,mode,battery status etc.
Charge portDual charge port support max 15A
Headlight2000Im 18W double lamp beads
TaillightTurning,braking warning light


Fault self rerifying

Battery packs high temperature warning,battery packs overcharged warning
battery packs high voltage warning,charging current over default value range
warning,Hall erro warning,vehicle overheat warning.
Angle cut out settingFront and rear decline angel setable to 68°,left and right angle setable from 35°-70°
Speed limitSetable via display
Low battery protection97.5V beeping and 94.5V tilt back in normal mode,90V beeping and 87V tilt back at
low battery mode
Overheat protectionCode warning at 80
Other functionVarious function setable from display.Support data log