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Leaperkim Veteran Abrams

Leaperkim Veteran Abrams 100V 2700Wh 3500W Electric Unicycle Top Speed 100km/h

Technical Data

Model Leaperkim Veteran Abrams 
Top free spin speed100km/h
Safe riding speed25km/h
Motor power3500W
Battery21700 Samsung 50E 2700wh
Max gradibility30°
Operating temperature-10-80℃
Max load120kg
Charger100.8V,support max 15A
Charging time3h to full with 12A charging
IP ratingIP65,using sealing ring and waterproof connectors
Net weight44kg
Pedal dimension265mmx145mm
Pedal altitude (from ground)180mm
MainboardCustomized connectors to fix wires stable;12pcs Mosfets make it more duarable.
Cooling systemIntegrated aluminium alloy,automatically heat dissipation system.
BatteryMoudularization sealed battery packs
Motor axle &pedal pillarConvenient assembly and disassembly between the connections of axle and pillar.
Tire size22 inch (2.75-17)knobby tubeless tire
Trolley handleCentral mounted foldable build in.
LCD panelDisplay speed,battery voltage,mileage,mode switching,calibration,battery status etc.
Metal barsShells protection.
PedalIntegrated spiked pedals
FenderIntegraed fender fitted in.
Headlight2800Im 25W modularization light,angle adjustable,brightness adjustable.
Tail lightTurning,braking warning lights.
Screws304 stainless screws.
Incline protectionStop rolling once wheel body inclining 45°
Speed limitCan be set through LCD panel
Low battery protectionAlarm at 75.6V,tilt back at 74.5V.
Battery protectionOvercharged,overdischarged,Charging port output short circuit protection
Mainboard overheat protection85℃.
CalibrationSet through LCD panel.